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       Public transport bus service

      Like the other modern cities, Mashhad has a complete and compact system of public transport bus service. You can travel to every point of city with a very low cost using this service. The bus stops almost can be found in nearest place to your home or office. The old paper tickets have replaced with an smart card (Man Cart). The BRT lines have a great part in this transportation service and many of large street in town are limited for an efficient use of these lines.


        Urban rail line

      Mashhad benefits from urban rail line to transfer millions of people a day. It is the second rapid transit system in Iran that saves times for civil trips as well as energy and cost. The Mashhad Urban Railway operates its single line from 6:30 to 21:30 daily. The first line is active right now and second line is currently under construction.

        Bus and Train traveling
      Traveling from and to Mashhad by bus and train is alternative way for those who are interested to get experience from natural landscapes, towns, villages and even historical places while they are traveling on the way. The Imam Reza (PUH) Bus Terminus of Mashad is located at countryside to access easily to main input and output roads of city and is the biggest station to traffic of buses. This terminus has area of 8.600 mm and daily 2000 buses enters and exits. The ticket reservations is possible by Internet Reservation and The modern VIP buses also give the passengers the most comfort environment to rest and watch the beautiful views.
      The central train station of Mashhad provides a safety and comfortable way for travelers to trip between Mashhad and their town. Tehran is the most important origin of passengers of train to mashhad and so the high class trains are on the move in this line. In the future, the government has some plan to build a transrapid line between Tehran and Mashhad.

      At summer and the end of year many of people who want to visit the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PUH) invaded Mashhad through bus and train. Most of them come to Mashhad from the big city of Iran.



       The Mashhad International Airport, (Shahid Hashemi Nezhad Airport) as the heart of air transportations handles approximately 170 to 240 air flights a day from the city to other domestic cities or countries. 22000 passengers in average, uses of internal and international air services while about of 20% of them are international passengers.
      There are 34 domestic and 20 international flight routes from and to Mashhad and 17 internal airlines and 10 international airlines transport the passengers in both ways.
      Some international airlines include:

      Germania (flight to/from Hamburg)
      Qatar Airways (flight to/from Doha)
      Iraqi Airways (flight to/from Baghdad, Najaf)
      Emirates (flight to/from Dubai)
      Turkish Airlines (flight to/from Istanbul)
      Saudi Arabian Airlines (flight to/from Dammam, Jeddah, Medina)
      Gulf Air (flight to/from Bahrain)
      fly Dubai (flight to/from Dubai)
      Jazeera Airways (flight to/from Kuwait)



      In addition of domestic flights to big and important cities (Tehran.Isfahan, Shiraz, Bandar abbas …) Iranian airlines has international flights including:

      Iran Air (flight to/from Bahrain, Beirut, Dammam, Kuwait)
      Mahan Air (flight to/from Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Najaf)
      Aseman Air (flights to Bishkek, Dushanbe and Kabul)
      Zagros Airlines (flights to Bahrain, Basra, Kuwait)
      Meraj Airlines (flights to Kuwait, Najaf, Baghdad)
      Ata Airlines (flights to Bahrain, Kuwait)

      these airways carries tourists and pilgrims to Mashhad and vice versa. Some airline such as Kish air flies only to Kish.






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