• Imam Reza (PBUH)

      Imam Reza was an infallible imam or leader with a flawless character and descendent of the holy prophet Mohammad, sent for the benefit of humanity, and was martyred for carrying out his God-given mission. All of these points give Imam Reza a high status with God and thus in the hearts of Shi’ites; therefore we consider it our religious duty to make pilgrimage to his holy shrine whenever possible. In fact there are many narrations or hadith of holy prophet Mohammad and Imams (pbut) that speaks about the blessings of such a pilgrimage.

      One of such narration from the first Imam, Ali ibn Abi Talib(pbuh) , on the authority of the holy prophet (pbuh) says:
      “on of my own flesh and blood will be buried in Khorasan , God the high will surely remove the sorrows of any sorrowful person who goes on pilgrimage to his shrine. Moreover, God will surly forgive the sins of any sinful person who goes on pilgrimage to his shrine.
      Another important reason pilgrimage is made to Imam Reza`s holy shrine is to ask the holy Imam (pbuh) to intercede on one`s behalf before God, to alleviate some ailment or difficulty. Annually, 20 million pilgrims, not solely Muslims or Shi’ites, make this spirituals pilgrimage seeking divine miracles. In fact, there is an office to investigate and record such miracles at the Haram.

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