• Courtyards or Sahn

      After passing the sanctuaries, pilgrims need to pass the open-air courtyards or Sahn. There are nine courtyards in the Holy Shrine, each a testament to the era in which they were built and the fine craftsmanship of ancient Iran. These stunning open-aired courtyards serve as gathering places for a variety of religious ceremonies and programs and hold a variety of exceptional architectural features. Since Holy Shrine is ever increasing, the number of courtyards may also increase later in the future as well.

      What to look for: exquisite patterned mirror work, tile work with an array of designs and rich colors, calligraphic inscriptions, and muqarnas.

      • Islamic Revolution Counrtyard or Sahn`e –En`ghe`lab-e-Islami
      • Grand Razavi courtyard or Sahn`eh Jameh Razavi
      • Ghadir Courtyard
      • Kowsar Courtyard
      • Heda`yat Courtyard
      • Quds Courtyard
      • Islamic Republic Courtyard or Sahn`eh Jomhori Islami
      • Gowharshad Mosque or Sahn`eh Masjid-e-Gowharshad
      • Freedom Countryard or Sahn`eh Azadi
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