• Souvenirs


      Mashhad is a city that suits the taste of everyone. There is a variety of shopping centers and traditional bazaars selling traditional and religious items; in addition to trendy clothing, household items, and high tech goods.

      Perhaps the most popular souvenir of Mashhad is saffron. It is sold in traditional measurements called mesghal.
      Other popular items are precious turquoise stones and semi-precious stones, as well as silver and 18 karat gold jewelry.

      Foodstuffs include traditional-handmade rock candy (nabat), zeresk (barberries), mixed-hand roasted nuts and seeds (ajeel), dried sour cherries, plums, peaches and golden raisins and fruit rolls.

      Traditional stone carving and wood cutouts reflecting Iran’s ancient culture and religious background are popular items to buy as well.
      Carpets and kilims are another popular purchase.

      Prayer beads made from semi-precious stones, glass, wood, and plastic, in various sizes and colors are perhaps the most popular.


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