• Historical Attractions

      The Ancient City of ToosToos
      Toos is 24 km to the north of Mashhad and has seen many great events, such as its invasion and capture by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE and its near destruction by Genghis Khan (1220 to 1259 CE).

      The Toos Historical – Cultural Complex
      This Complex consists of the remnants of an ancient citadel (Kohn Dezh) dating date back to the Samanid dynasty (892 – 998 CE), the remains of Tabaran Jame Mosque (ca. 11th century CE), Harooneyeh Building, the tombs of the great Persian poet Ferdowsi and the renowned mystic Imam al-Ghazali.

      Kakheh Khorshid (The Sun Palace)
      A 12th century palace with the characteristics specified for itself was constructed during the time of nadershahNader Shah-e Afshar. The building is in the middle of a big garden with an Indian architecture style decorated with black marbles. It was made for the King's family accommodation with several rooms adorned with paintings and plaster molding works. The paintings of the walls are the pictures of the Kings, Princes and Princesses of Afshari Dynasty. Some upper parts of the building have been ruined through the years.

      Nadershah Mausoleum
      It is a curious piece of architecture completed in 1956, consisting in a heavy slab of concrete which forms a crypt and of a colossal bronze group representing soldiers led to battle by an equestrian commander on horseback bearing a turban and a large ax (Nader Shah). A small museum and a library are also near it.


      Green Dome 

      gonbadsabzRegionally called Gonbad-e Sabz, this is probably the most interesting and the best preserved historical building in Mashhad outside the Holly Shrine. The tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Hakim Mo’men is inside it.


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