• Shopping Centers

      This list is only a drop of what can be found in Mashhad.

      Business Hours
      Shops are usually open at 10 am and close around 2:00 pm for lunch and reopen around 5 pm to about 10 pm. Stores around the Holy Shrine generally open earlier – about 8 am – and remain open all day until 11 pm. Most stores are closed on Friday mornings, with a few exceptions around the Holy Shrine. However, nowadays some are open in the afternoon.
      Restaurants and fast foods normally open for lunch at 12 pm until 3 pm. They reopen again for dinner around 8 pm until 11 pm. Most sandwich shops remain open all day, starting at 11 am.

      How to Pay
      Iran presently cannot process credit cards and everything must be paid with Iranian currency. Bargaining for lower prices is only common around the Holy Shrine; in chain stores prices are fixed.

      Bazaar Reza

      This traditional bazaar of Mashhad and is located between Bait-al-Moghhadas Sq. and 17th of Shahrivar Sq. and is walking distance to the Holy Shrine. It was built in traditional Iranian style (33 m wide x 960 m long). There are 1,711 shops inside of this bazaar and a police station, restrooms, information stand (offering assistance for foreigners), banks, and a prayer room. There are two levels, and seven entries. The majority of the shops sell traditional items, such as religious souvenirs, precious and semi-precious stones, high quality silver and gold jewelry, traditional food products and fabric. Note that this bazaar is closed on Friday mornings.

      Bazaar Reza

      Bazaar Reza



      Located on the corner of Jonbaz Sq., this shopping center has a large supermarket and department store on the ground floor and an additional three levels of small shops that sell mostly clothing.

      -Supermarket, Food product

      -Bakery, Confectionery

      -wear & Women Clothes

      -Health & Beauty Product

      -Cosmetic Tools

      -Saffron, Nuts

      -Kitchen Tools, Gift

      -Audio & Video Accessories

      -Home Accessories, House Tools

      -Baby Accessories

      -Bag & Shoe, Women Shoes

      -Meat & Protein Production

      -Software, Education Accessories


      -Artful Accessories

      -Plastic Dishes

      -Decoration Accessories

      Almase Shargh MallAlmas-e Shargh

      Located at the end of N. Khayyam Blvd., this shopping mall has a diamond-shaped dome with a lovely water fountain display inside. It has 1,090 shops that sell are wide range of items.This 6-story shopping cevter contains 11,000 square meters, about 1,200 businesses and is one of the country’s biggest shopping malls. Customers can find household appliances, audio and video products, cell phones, computers, home decorations, toys, crafts, clothing, bag, shoes, etc. The mall also includes coffee shops, restaurants, amusement park, jumping fountain, auditorium, parking, office suites, banks, airlines, etc. The Grand Bazaar is located on the sixth floor. The mall offers free Wi-Fi.




      Tak Computer Center
      Located at the corner of S. Khayyam and Shahid Dast’ghayb Blvd., this center only sells computer related products.







      Zist Khavar


      Zist Khavar

      Zist-e Khavar (literally Life of the East) is the first tower complex containing a shopping centre located in mashad (at beginning of Kooh Sangi St). It is a mega-scale multi purpose complex consisting of shopping outlets, a cinema, an indoor theme park, banks, restaurants, and offices. It is located in a famous area for tourists and pilgrims in Mashhad.the building was founded in 1983 this shopping center has 700 shops that offer a variety of items at reasonable prices.




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