• Practical Information

      Iranian Currency

      Please note that the official name of Iran’s currency is the Rial; however, in the streets it is referred to as the Toman and the last digit of the Rial is dropped. For example, 1,000,000 Rial is 100,000 Toman or 10,000 Rial is 1,000 Toman.

       International Telephone Calls

      SIM cards can be easily purchased at the airport, in the hotel store or at practically any supermarket and shopping center. SIM cards are available at fairly reasonable prices. 


      Tap water is safe to drink. Take care to only drink from public fountains designated for human consumption. Moreover, domestic and foreign bottled water is readily available in all grocery stores and restaurants for a nominal fee.

       Emergency Numbers:

      Police: 110
      Fire Station: 125
      Ambulance: 115
      Road Police: 3400391
      Holy Shrine: 2002402
      Airport Information: 199
      Foreign Ministry: 8431053-5
      Accident Service of Police: 197
      Taxi Services: 133/ 1829/ 1830
      Product and Service Inspection Office: 124

      Visit Hit :2077