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      Mashhad is a city that suits the taste of everyone. There is a variety of shopping centers and traditional bazaars selling traditional and religious items; in addition to trendy clothing, household items, and high tech goods.
      Perhaps the most popular souvenir of Mashhad is saffron. It is sold in traditional measurements called mesghal.

      Other popular items are precious turquoise stones and semi-precious stones, as well as silver and 18 karat gold jewelry.

      Foodstuffs include traditional-handmade rock candy (nabat), zeresk (barberries), mixed-hand roasted nuts and seeds (ajeel), dried sour cherries, plums, peaches and golden raisins and fruit rolls.


      Traditional stone carving and wood cutouts reflecting Iran’s ancient culture and religious background are popular items to buy as well.
      Carpets and kilims are another popular purchase.

      Prayer beads made from semi-precious stones, glass, wood, and plastic, in various sizes and colors are perhaps the most popular.

      Historical Attractions

      The Ancient City of Toos
      Toos is 24 km to the north of Mashhad and has seen many great events, such as its invasion and capture by Alexander the Great in 330 BCE and its near destruction by Genghis Khan (1220 to 1259 CE).

      The Toos Historical – Cultural Complex
      This Complex consists of the remnants of an ancient citadel (Kohn Dezh) dating date back to the Samanid dynasty (892 – 998 CE), the remains of Tabaran Jame Mosque (ca. 11th century CE), Harooneyeh Building, the tombs of the great Persian poet Ferdowsi and the renowned mystic Imam al-Ghazali.

      Shopping Centers & other Popular Shopping Spots
      This list is only a drop of what can be found in Mashhad.

      Business Hours
      Shops are usually open at 10 am and close around 2:00 pm for lunch and reopen around 5 pm to about 10 pm. Stores around the Holy Shrine generally open earlier – about 8 am – and remain open all day until 11 pm. Most stores are closed on Friday mornings, with a few exceptions around the Holy Shrine. However, nowadays some are open in the afternoon.
      Restaurants and fast foods normally open for lunch at 12 pm until 3 pm. They reopen again for dinner around 8 pm until 11 pm. Most sandwich shops remain open all day, starting at 11 am.

      How to Pay
      Iran presently cannot process credit cards and everything must be paid with Iranian currency. Bargaining for lower prices is only common around the Holy Shrine; in chain stores prices are fixed.

      Bazaar Reza

      This traditional bazaar of Mashhad and is located between Bait-al-Moghhadas Sq. and 17th of Shahrivar Sq. and is walking distance to the Holy Shrine. It was built in traditional Iranian style (33 m wide x 960 m long). There are 1,711 shops inside of this bazaar and a police station, restrooms, information stand (offering assistance for foreigners), banks, and a prayer room. There are two levels, and seven entries. The majority of the shops sell traditional items, such as religious souvenirs, precious and semi-precious stones, high quality silver and gold jewelry, traditional food products and fabric. Note that this bazaar is closed on Friday mornings.


      Located on the corner of Jonbaz Sq., this shopping center has a large supermarket and department store on the ground floor and an additional three levels of small shops that sell mostly clothing.

      Almas-e Shargh
      Located at the end of N. Khayyam Blvd., this shopping center has a diamond-shaped dome with a lovely water fountain display inside. It has 1,090 shops that sell are wide range of items.


      Tak Computer Center
      Located at the corner of S. Khayyam and Shahid Dast’ghayb Blvd., this center only sells computer related products.


      Zist Khavar
      Located at the beginning of Kooh Sangi St., this shopping center has 700 shops that offer a variety of items at reasonable prices.

      Recreational Centers & Parks
      This list is only a sample of what can be found in and around Mashhad.
      Aftab Shore Park
      This recently built water park is the largest in the region and is located at the end of N. Khayyam Blvd., off of Sad Metri Hwy.
      There are different salons for men and women, which offer a number of recreational amenities and a fast food restaurant and coffee shop. It is open year round.

      Water Waves Land Company
      This is the second largest water park in the region and is located next to 83rd Andisheh St, off of Asiaei Hwy
      It is open all year long. The hours of operation: For men only on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. For women only Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm
      There are also four cafes and one fast food restaurant.
      Admission is about $17 US for adults.

      Mellat Park
      This park is to the west of the city stretching along Vakilabad Blvd. with an area of 720,000 m². It is the most popular park, with beautiful gardens, and facilities for various sports. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of people of all ages walking and jogging around the park early in the morning and late at nights picnicking as well.

      Vakil Abad Park
      Located 8 miles southwest of the city in the suburbs, this park is popular for its natural beauty and it is considered a good place for picnicking.

      Kooh Sangi Park
      This park was recently expanded and renovated. It is located south of the city near the southern mountains at the end of Dr. Ali Shariati Avenue. Kooh-Sangi Park is popular for its large pool, fountain, and small amusement park, as well as it space for playing and picnicking. Near the park are also small shops which sell handicrafts and traditional foods.

      Kohestan Park Khorshid
      This newly developed natural park is located on top of a hill in the southeast of Mashhad off of Hashemi’e Blvd. It covers 400 hectares of land which is covered with natural and transplanted vegetation. This park offers many convinces for nature-lovers such as trekking trails, picnic facilities, restrooms, a play ground, a beach volley ball court, soccer field, parking lot, mini stores, etc...

      The Countryside of Mashhad
      Shandiz and Torghabeh
      These two country towns are perhaps the most popular places to visit after the Holy Shrine, especially during the warm seasons. A very popular local dish of these towns are their garden restaurants that serve Shish-leek kebab, which is six barbequed tender lions served with fresh tandoori bread and/or hot steamed rice; it is definitely a must-try.

      Located in the mountains 18 km southwest from Mashhad, this lovely town is popular for its natural scenery, trekking trails and traditional and modern garden restaurants.

      This town is located also in the mountains some 38 km southwest of Mashhad, and just like Torghabeh it has wonderful gardens, springs, trekking trails and traditional and modern garden restaurants.


      Practical Hints for Getting Around
      Iranian Currency
      Please note that the official name of Iran’s currency is the Rial; however, in the streets it is referred to as the Toman and the last digit of the Rial is dropped. For example, 1,000,000 Rial is 100,000 Toman or 10,000 Rial is 1,000 Toman.

      International Telephone Calls
      SIM cards can be easily purchased at the airport, in the hotel store or at practically any supermarket and shopping center. IRAN CELL is the most popular SIM card seller and the prices are fairly reasonable. Analog and digital mobiles operate in Iran.

      Tap water is safe to drink. Take care to only drink from public fountains designated for human consumption. Moreover, domestic and foreign bottled water is readily available in all grocery stores and restaurants for a nominal fee.

      Emergency Numbers:
      Police: 110
      Fire Station: 125
      Ambulance: 115
      Road Police: 3400391
      Holy Shrine: 2002402
      News Information: 113
      Airport Information: 199
      Foreign Ministry: 8431053-5
      Accident Service of Police: 197
      Taxi Services: 133-1829-1830
      Product and Service Inspection Office: 124


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