• City Council

      Formation of councils was one of the main goals of Islamic revolution and became the people`s request during the revolution.
      After Islamic revolution and formation of first experts of leadership assembly for drafting constitution and with the effort of Ayatollah Taleghani, establishment of councils was proposed and confirmed in the sixth, seventh, hundredth to hundred and sixth of the constitution acts.
      At the dawn of revolution, based on the order of revolution council and with the effort of jihad ministry, Islamic councils of village and Islamic job councils were established. But due to the critical situation of that days and lack of proper laws they were cancelled.
      The first law of Islamic councils was approved by Iranian Islamic parliament in 1982. This law was changed and modified 5 times.
      After formation of Khatami `s cabinet, the first election for councils was held in 1998 in more than 40 thousand constituency and finally about 200 thousand person were elected as councils members around the country.
      Councils were opened in 1999 coincide with the Ayatollah Khomeini historical speech about councils and special message of supreme leader and the speech of the president


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