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      1: Where is the Municipality located?


      Municipality of Mashhad - Shohada Sq - Mashhad -Iran

      Postal Code:    1333591886

      Phone:        00985132222177

      Fax :    00985136090499



      2: What is the Municipality phone number?

      The Main Phone Number is 00985112222177

      3: What are your hours of operation?

      The Municipality is open:
      Saturday - Thursday 7:15 am - 2:00 pm
      The Municipality is closed on legal holidays. 


      4: How can I make a suggestion about the website?

      You can contact the website team by clicking here.


      5: Where to find a map (plan) of Mashhad?

      The visitor or the tourist can obtain a map or a plan of Mashhad as well as guides and brochures at the tourist information offices of Mashhad. Also you can download the Map from the website.


      6: How to report a problem on the website of the City of Mashhad?

      You should click contact us at the top of the page and fill the related form.


      7: How do I contact Council members?

      To contact all council members please send an email to shora@mashhad.ir

      Individual council information is located in www.shora.mashhad.ir 


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